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In the lead-up to COP27, the Future of Food conference 2022, taking place in Brussels on 16 June, will be dedicated to exploring how agrifood innovation can enable and accelerate the decarbonisation of the EU’s food system. The full agenda can be found here.

Ahead of the event, this toolkit provides example social media posts and assets for Twitter and LinkedIn for you to use or adapt. These posts can be used to notify your networks that you are attending the event, to drive conversation about these topics, and to encourage important debate about the future of food.

Twitter & Linkedin Banners

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Linkedin “I am attending!” banner – click image to download.


Time is running out to meet EU climate targets - we need to work together to build a future-fit food system. 🤝

The @EITFood #FutureFood22 Conference is driving dialogue around challenges & solutions. Any ideas for increasing #FoodSystem sustainability?

Inclusive systems innovation is key in helping build a healthy & sustainable food system for all.

Join me at the @EITFood #FutureFood22 conference to discuss the complex challenges & solutions to strengthen the resilience of the #FoodSystem:

How can we make the European food system more healthy, sustainable & resilient?

Through inclusive systems innovation & collaboration.

The @EITFood #FutureFood22 Conference is driving dialogue about this in areas such as sustainable agriculture:

2022 is #EYY22 - we want to empower young people to have an active role in transformation of our #FoodSystem.

16-19 year olds will pitch their business ideas & issue a call to action during #FutureFood22:

How do you see the future of food? Share below👇

Linkedin Posts

Food system challenges are complex, and complex challenges require complex solutions.

We need to follow multiple transition pathways in parallel, as well as taking a whole #FoodSystem approach. This involves looking at all stages of food production and consumption and developing solutions which connect them.

On 16 June at @EIT Food‘s #FutureFood22 Conference there will be dialogues on how to make this possible through inclusive systems innovation, including the important role of consumers and young people:

Our current #FoodSystem is unsustainable. As well as increasing long term sustainability, we need to build resilience urgently to help us face immediate challenges.

Many innovative solutions already exist, but they must be scaled up faster and deployed across the EU - investment in innovation has never been more important.

Join me at the @EIT-Food #FutureFood22 Conference on 16 June to discuss the complex challenges & solutions to strengthen the resilience of the food system:

Ahead of #COP27, we need to raise the role of food systems in international climate change dialogues.

To do this, we must define common pathways and mobilise more resources to accelerate solutions.

At @EIT-Food‘s #FutureFood22 Conference, there will be dialogues and workshops about the role of sustainable food systems in providing solutions to the climate crisis, including:

▶️ Protein diversification
▶️ Sustainable aquaculture
▶️ Climate smart agriculture
▶️ Youth empowerment and education

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